Workout App

Workout App

This is an idea for a fitness studios modern workout app, which not only brings a good user experience for the customers, but also leads to advantages for the company using this app.

1. The problem

  • Overview of workout progress, e.g. via a points system or by showing the performance and weights
  • Calender with weekly overwiew of the training
  • Overview over single trainings and exercises
  • Scan from gym equipments by QR / AR or manual input for individual training
  • Training plan synchronization / Direct communication between the trainer and the customer
  • Possibly sharing functions, also contests
  • Possibly tracking the users trainings - personalization and check in with phone

The trainings progress in virtual points and a diagram. Workout App Training Workouts

Weight adjustments for gym equipment or performance for exercises with the progress.

Workout App Training progress

Weekly Trainingsplan with settings for quantity, time and infos regarding the trainings.

Workout App Trainingsplan

QR-Scan for gym equipment to get infos for the selected piece of sports equipment or to add the euipment to your trainings list.

Workout App AR

2. Benefits of app usage for the company

  • Potential Users from external fitness apps could get direct access to the available digital gym equipment if the switch apps. The could also plan their traings better with a trainer. - The overall experience of the fitnesstudio will be affected positively.
  • Cost savings for paper training plans and similar. Also as an enviroment friendly company.
  • The gym equipment could be explained better with videos or animations, so that trainers could save the time for introductions to the equipment.
  • (Possibly) share function in the app will bring inexpensive advertising range for the brand.
  • For a better traing experience there are: Channel of direct communication, check in by phone, tracking of the users, QR-Codes for the gym equipment.