Webshop for a fast food restaurant

Webshop for a fast food restaurant

This project is a webshop / CMS for the fast food restaurant “Döner Ali” in Lübeck. The whole Design is created with mobile first in mind.

The customer Döner Ali has the possibility managing his products in the backend admin panel. With every order the restaurant gets an email to his added mail adresses. Addionally a delivery note will be printed over a configured printer. The customers of Döner Ali will get an order confirmation. At the moment only cash payment is accepted. For the future with an update an online payment could be possible. Also other functions like a specific email newsletter are planned.

The project was implemented with three other students within the scope of a study design project.

Doener Ali Homepage Desktop

Doener Ali CMS configurator

1. The problem

Döner Ali is a turkish fast food restaurant in Lübeck, Germany, who also delivers his food within a small radius of their locations. So far the restaurant only had a facebook site, but no website. The deliveries were accepted over phone calls.

At busy times this was a mess, because there was no clear sequence for orders over phone. Therefore sometimes orders were mistaken or the order was simply forgotten in the restaurant, while serving the guests in the restaurant.

The idea was to build a website where all delivery orders should be made to get a routine. Hereby the problems with lost customers, no customer history, stressing the employees with ringing phones, no website and special requests should be eliminated.

Doener Ali Facebook page

2. The concept

With the help of low fidelity wireframes and user flows the concept was created. The transaction and the simple user guidance with the least amount of distraction had priority.

The website should also have the purpose to show a menu. For this case the shop is automatically closed out of opening hours. The functionality for ordering in that timeframe is disabled.

Doener Ali User Flow Chart

Doener Ali Wireframe

3. The implementation

With the first implementation and testing we identified some problem fields of the first drafts. The configuration possibility within the checkout was one of them.

For an easier checkout flow we discarded the functionality in the final product, because there are enough opportunities to change products before the final checkout. The customer can now fully concentrate on the order process.

Doener Ali Slider

Doener Ali dish draft

4. The solution

The solution is a clean and friendly Design with the previously named simple user guidance. To the final version some changes were made, especially with the design. Some textures were used and the color grey was used as little as possible, because it looked rather more like a blog design than an ordering webshop for fast food. The header / slider was reduced in size, because it was too dominant.

With further testing (mainly think aloud) the checkout process was reworked and the order of the steps were changed. To design the whole product as authentic as possible photos were taken inhouse from all ingredients and dishes. As a result it is possible to incorporate those in the ingredients selection on the site.

Doener Ali basket Mobile

Doener Ali basket Desktop

Doener Ali CMS 01

Doener Ali CMS 02