Spotify UX Concept

Spotify UX Concept

The spotify smartphone app has a function to add a song to a specific playlist and also to change a songs position in a playlist. There are some usability problems With the actual userflow. In consequence of those problems I make it to my business to create a solution to improve on the behaviour. (As of the beginning of 2018)

*This work is not related in any kind with Spotify AB. It is just a fictional UX / usability improvement for the app.

1. The problem / status quo

Observing the flow of adding a song to a playlist in detail you can see some friction points and chances for improvement. You can’t choose the position of a song in a playlist by adding one. The song will always be appended at the end. (see first video)

This behaviour wouldn’t be as much as a problem if you could simply change the position of a song in a playlist afterwards. However there is another problem. This flow is also not as user-friendly at the moment: You can only move the song in the visible screen area. (see second video)

You would expect there would be an auto scroll feature if you hit the top or bottom of the screen / playlist. This sadly isn’t the case.

Spotify UX concept

2. A possible solution

There should be a possibility to add songs to a specific position in a playlist.

In addition the sort functionality should be improved, so that it is possible to move songs above and below the screen height with the help of autoscrolling.

Furthermore a “multiselect-adding” function should be implemented to add mmultiple songs at the same time to a playlist.