Drops HTML5 Browsergame

Drops HTML5 Browsergame

Drops is a Browsergame, which was programmed with the help of Google Dart. You could play the game only on a smartphone as it uses the internal motion sensor for controlling the player. It uses the device orientation API of the Browser.

The basic idea of the browsergame is to move your smartphone to control the yellow ball - your player - and avoid hitting the falling red dots / “drops”. After time passes the player ball will get bigger, so the risk of hitting the red drops will increase. You have the possibility to shrink again if you hit the green falling drops.

You can play the game here on your smartphone.

Drops Browsergame calibrate

At the beginning of every game there is a loading screen with the drops logo. After that you have to hold your device comfortably to determin the center axis. The game starts after a countdown.

In the upper screen area a status bar is shown with the played seconds, your level and your remainng health points. A blue bar is showing the progress for the current level.

On the playing field you can see the yellow player ball as well as the falling red and green drops. Another feature are the so calles power ups. These are randomly popping up as round items with different icons. After some time they will disappear if you aren’t fast enough to pick them up by clicking on them.

Collected power ups are shown in the sidebar. If you click on one the power up will be activated immediately.

Drops Browsergame Powerup

An overview of all power ups and their effect can be found under the menu. You can open the menu by clicking on the top bar. Under “Power-Up Übersicht” a list is shown which is also scrollable.

Drops Browsergame Powerups overview

Also you can change some settings for the game under the menu. You can recalibrate your phone, change the sensitivity for moving your player between three steps and activate left hand mode which will display the power up bar on the left side of the screen.

Drops Browsergame settings

If you loose all your lives the game is over. The game over display appears. You can see your survived time. At the moment it is not possible to save your record.

Drops Browsergame Game Over

If the device language isn’t german, the game language will switch to english.

It would be too much to explain all other power ups and little features here. Better to just try it for yourself.

The project was developed with the help of two other students within the context of a study project.