Concept for smart TV app

Concept for smart TV app

This is a concept of an app that will not only replace the traditional remote, but also get rid of the menu structure from the television. VOD offerings from different providers will be available and connected with the linear TV.

This project was accomplished with the help of three other students within a designproject for the studies.

Smode typography

Smode colors

1. The problem

The liniar television has lost his dominant position and is confronted with a variety of different alternative providers, who strive to revolutionize the video market.

Which solution approach will the market ask for in the future bringing the liniar and non linear television together and keep a maximum in a good usability? Further to be sufficient in keeping the smartphone as an advanced medium for the control and as an information access device.

For that reason the control of the television via remote control as today is already behind the state of art. But what can be seen a possible solution?

Smode television App

2. The idea

The basic idea is the reduction of the TV menu elements. The general functions of the remote control should be implemented directly in the app to deliver a more direct and easier TV experience. Moreover another device could be economized. You only need a TV and the Smode app on a smartphone. This will keep the living room free from any system components and associated remotes. (As the receiver is in the TV)

At the same time Smode provides a better ease of use, because the user don’t need to learn another TV menu structure. The learning curve isn’t as steep.

There isn’t any traditional control of the TV as it used to be, but rather the content from the TV is shown on the phone.

Smode UX reduction

3. The concept

The app combines the VOD content with the linear TV content. If the app is connected with the TV in the first place, it is sufficient to click on the play button and you’ll see the video content on the screen without any more menu structure shown on the TV which is distracting.

An important factor is to create personas for the user groups of this app. As a fact a wide age range must be covered. Therefor a kids mode is available, which can be controlled by the parents.

By way of illustrations different methods, e.g. the 4-P method, target-actual analysis, SWOT analysis, personas, consumer scenarios etc. were used to create the prototype.

Smode UX reversibility

Smode UX Personas

Smode UX layer model

Smode Smodeboard overview

Smode TV Guide