Alexa Bubble Machine

Alexa Bubble Machine

As an intern at Cellular I build a voice controlled Amazon Alexa bubble machine.
The idea was to say something like “Alexa make bubbles” to get a lot of soap bubbles out of a self made machine.

As you can see in the video the prototype is fully functional, but not really pretty and the motors are a bit noisy.

Used Components: 2 DC motors, Raspberry Pi (with flask-ask), Amazon Echo, some other electronics e.g. a voltage controller.

Details / Problems

This was the first time I build somthing with a Raspberry Pi and voice recognition - Amazon Alexa.

It was challenging to understand the working concept of the voice recognition system Alexa, as well as getting the Alexa and Raspberry Pi working together.

Later I had some other difficulties with the DC motors, because one of the motors rotary speed was way too fast. This couldn’t be regulated individually because of the same voltage source. For that reason I installed a voltage control for the motor controlling the CD in front of the fan.